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Thread: Lights

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    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good rear light that fits on my tortec pannier rack and is rechargeable? The rack sits too high on my bike to allow me to fit a light under my saddle. My local branch of Evans stocks lights that fit on the back of the rack but none are rechargeable. As a commuter I find. USB rechargeable lights a must.

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    Would you be able to attach a Fibre Flare? They usually go on the seat stays. A friend swears by them.

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    The design of many nights to fit saddle stems can be remedied. I use a pannier rack and the lights would be obscured on a stem. Across the back of the pannier rack I have attached a length of broom handle. I cover it in handlebar tape or plastic electricians tape. Then use jubilee clips to secure it to the pannier rack... this is then the perfect circumference to add light brackets to.....


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