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    Not surprised there's not many people here..

    ... if TWC ban new members for no apparent reason after their first post! A friend of mine posted as "Esme" to recommend an American website for cycle clothing - and got banned for it!
    C'mon, TWC, wake up, it was a genuine post and poster. You're not doing yourselves any favours.

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    South Wales
    I've had comments censored on The Engineer for no reason, other than the editor's perception that your post may be 'advertising'.

    On another point; I had wanted to post the comment below under the specific article, but I'm not sure how:-

    I don't use any of these social media. Any other way to comment?

    Miriam is right. Lunges with the weight in your hands or on your shoulders are bad practice, both raising the injury risk and only strengthening leg extension. Strength training for cycling demands that you pay particular attention to leg flexion. i.e. especially the hamstrings' flexion of the knee. None of these exercises do that.

    It is not good to put pressure on the knee joints, just to make press-ups easier to do!

    Someone at the gym should advise that you never hold your breath during a lift. That's a golden rule.

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    I think it's ok to delete the first post and ban a person if it starts with a link. Scummers are everywhere and it's a disaster for some forums. They think they can post links and nothing will be done.
    What about the friend... why don't he register once again?


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