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    Question Any help on selling a bike?

    I have a beautiful Kona Coco, only 9 months old and hardly used, I need to find a new home for.
    I paid 450.00 for it, I don't expect to sell for that price, I have no idea how to go about selling it. I am a seller on Ebay (I find everyone wants something for nothing on there) and I really don't want to have to put it on there.
    Any help/ideas are welcome!

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    On here?
    CTC forum site?

    There are facebook groups that are cycling based, some of whom also have cycles and parts for sale sub groups...

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    I would try Gumtree!
    When I first started cycling I felt I should get a second hand first before spending lots of money and not actually going out as much as I ended up doing . I bought my first bike through Ebay. But I looked around a lot on Gumtree and I liked the idea that you can go and have a look at it before committing to it. I think a lot of people might appreciate that too?
    My partner bought his first bike through Gumtree and we sold one there as well.
    It was quite alright I guess... the problem you are finding with Ebay, that everyone wants to pay basically nothing for everything... I know what you mean, but I guess you get that everywhere...
    On the other hand you can always put a higher starting price on Ebay (around what you would like to get for it) and still advertise it for free on Gumtree or any similar website.
    Good luck I hope you can find a nice home for it!

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    I sold an old road bike on the southwest cycling stuff for sale page on Facebook.
    It is a really easy way to sell and there are always guys on there looking for ladies bikes to try and get there other halfs into cycling.


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