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    Cool What features do you wish your commuting backpack / clothing had?


    I was hoping to get some feed back as to what features you wished your gear had to make your commute more convenient. It could be anything from pants that don't abrade, to an easier place to put your bike lock on your backpack.

    I'm an avid cyclist and designer who specializes in backpacks and apparel. I just made a commuter backpack that tries to alleviate some of the issues that women have. (Mainly our problem of never having functional pockets, the inconvenience of taking out a bike lock, and the fact that we prefer lighter, smaller bags than the typical ones made for men.) If you'd like to check it out, it's located here: As well as on kickstarter.


    It's designed from my point of view as a rider as well as some fellow friends, but I'd love to know what some of the issues other riders face are. What is it that ultimately makes you decide on what gear to get? Is it how functional it is, or does it have to be able to transition from bike to office, etc?

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    i'm 26, an LCF (London College of Fashion) Postgraduate Student

    My project is about fashion and fitness and in particular women's cycling and safety apparel in the UK.

    Please could I ask you to fill out my survey about lifestyle, active women, fashion, cycling.

    It would be so, so helpful in my report writing!

    Thank you!!

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    I have a super lightweight (and cheap) backpack I picked up at eBay we use as a daybag for travel. Not at all comfortable to carry a lot of weight for very long, but to carry a windbreaker, water bottle & other shopping bags - perfect. I've seen this sort of bag at Marshalls/TJ Maxx as well. I had been looking at Le SportSac options but decided I didn't want to spend that much money on something I knew I wouldn't use often (as opposed to LeSportsac purses or duffel bags, which I travel with constantly.

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    I personally hate the typical backbags, they look horrible and I get my back sweat. Never found the balance between waterproof and light to let my back breathe. Now I have a pannier, that looks nice and is far more waterproof. I don't know if I'm helping, but in my opinion the right balance for waterproof/ breathability combined with a nice design (not looking like from an alien movie please), visibility and pockets are the big deal.

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    Functionality is really important to me, but so is look because I'm just trying to get to work, not go touring. Tough materials which have subtle clips yet have the design elements of normal purses. Oddly enough Target and Walmart started carrying great options, such as purses that clip right on to back racks and can be carried away and look relatively normal. I second JuliaT in that I like visibility strips too.

    I don't really enjoy backpacks at all anymore unless it is colder out and I am not going to straight up sweat into them.

    Clothing- stretchy so it holds its form, sport material so it breathes and doesn't wrinkle, but can still look good for work. I like fuller knee length skirts that have a weight to the fabric so I can peddle comfortably and not have them fly up. Or just creating a sort of weighted hemline period would be cool.

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