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Thread: New bike!

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    Feb 2015

    Smile New bike!

    My sturdy but ancient Raleigh Vixen mountain bike needs work costing about four times what it is worth, so just pressed the button for the upgrade I've been contemplating but chickening out of on financial grounds.

    One Gazelle Orange C7 plus is joining me from the Netherlands thanks to the cycle to work scheme. Tallest son will be co-opted for a ride around the park on the rack to give it a properly Dutch maiden voyage before the child seat goes on for smallest son to take over.

    I can't wait .

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    Sep 2014
    Excellent! Enjoy. The Cycle to Work scheme helped me get a terrific new bike too :-)
    Life is like cycling... you have to keep moving to keep your balance

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    Oct 2016
    How you did it??!!! I also wanna do it

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