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    Angry Just had to share...

    Hi everyone, just had to share my experience from yesterday - had a great day in London supporting the Tour of Britain, terrific atmosphere, superb race, got up close to so many famous faces and even shook hands with Dr Hutch of Cycling Weekly! (yes, I don't get out much).

    Now, while I was in London, I decided to call in on a certain high end cycle store, mentioning no names. I will admit I spend a LOT on cycling gear. I no longer buy shoes, handbags or make up, I'd much rather have a new jersey, and I'm very easily sold to. A salesman's dream. Asked the friendly sales chap in the shop if he could help me find a certain pair of socks. "I'll go and have a look for you. What size is he?" "Goodbye!"
    Life is like cycling... you have to keep moving to keep your balance

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    *snort* How to kill a guaranteed sale in one easy step.

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    Last week I went into 3 London bike shops: in two I was totally ignored in favour of 2 male clients buying accessories. In the third they acknowledged me and I asked where the womens specific road bikes were and they waved to the back of the shop where there were two "basket" bikes and one road bike - I walked out of there too.


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