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    Help buying - Giant Lust vs Intrigue

    Hi ladies,

    New to Total women's as a forum poster but love the website in general!

    I am currently having REAL trouble choosing my first Full Sus.

    I've narrowed it down to Giant and it's between a Lust 2 or an Intrigue 1.

    I've had a Giant hardtail for 2 years and it's done really well, hence I'm happy to stick to the brand.

    I've only been riding MTB seriously for 2 years, mostly road riding before I got the first little hardtail but after spending a summer on the MTB 3-4 times a week, I've really got into it and feeling the urge to join the FS ranks.

    I live in Scotland and ride Spring-summer and autumn at 7 Stanes, mostly Glentress, Innerleithen and Ae and ride red XC routes whenever I am at trail centres.

    But I also ride XC in parts of Northumberland, borders and parts of the Cairngorms (General Wades military road, Glen Tilt etc). This riding is totally non-techy slog fests on fire roads, Landy tracks etc.

    I have entered a XC race in the summer and think the Lust would be great for it, but worried I may regret not going for more travel later.

    So I am having a real dilemma deciding on either the Lust or Intrigue to plump for.

    I know the Lust is more XC and Intrigue more trail riding, but my riding is really split 50:50 trail centres vs XC slogs.

    Oh and I should say I love to climb, but a bit of a pansy on downhills. Know the intrigue might help with that, but really don't want to lose any climbing speed.

    Most of my female friends ride way harder, techier stuff than me and ride Specialized, Canyon and Juliana FS all of which have heftier front travel.

    So if any of you ladies ride a Lust or Intrigue, or if you have any other input other than the Lust might ride a bit better uphill and the Intrigue might be better on the downs, that would be much appreciated :-)

    I've checked out the debate online between the guys equivalent models (Anthem vs Trance) and it really does seem to be split 50:50. Ideal world, we'd all have a garage full of bikes, I know, but I've only got one budget, so please help!!!

    Happy riding and thanks :-)
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    This is a classic problem without an obvious answer!! Does your hardtail still work? You might still enjoy all the xc stuff on that and go for a bigger FS. You might want to demo the Lust to see if 100mm travel actually adds much to the ride, particularly for the kind of XC riding you do.

    Do you think you might go abroad or ride multiple days of technical riding? If so, I'd recommend a longer travel bike. The Lust is very XC with that length travel and you'd find a trip to the Alps hard work (but fun) on a 100mm travel bike. You'll improve no end on a FS and I bet if your mates are riding harder stuff you'll want to too.

    The main difference will be the weight. You can't find this online on the Giant website but might be able to find it on forums etc. You could just compare the mens' equivalent to get an idea. If it's a couple of hundred grams you might not be that bothered. Tyres have more impact so worth thinking about this carefully.

    Have you considered the Trek Lush? 120mm travel so a half-way house. They sell them at Glentress you you might be able to demo one. I ride xc and the Alps etc. on this and it's a great, do it all bike.

    Which model/price were you looking at?
    What size are you looking at? Don't discount mens' bikes unless you are small. The differences are minimal and you'll probably change the saddle to one you are comfortable with whichever bike you chose and the grips wear out.

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    I brought the Lust last September and love it, I feel more confidant as it does handle well. With the 650b wheel I'm getting up hills better than on a 26" wheel.
    I ride in the Dales and North York Moors and the lust has been fine. Saying that I have looked at the Intrigue the 2016 and thought maybe I should of waited and got that. Then thinking about I'm not into trail centres don't do huge drop offs or jumps nor ride over in the Alps so the 140m of travel on the Intrigue might just be a waste, if you know what I mean. I'd of been happy with 120m but hay hoooo

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    For those reading this a few years later (this thread is ranking well in Google), the Intrigue seems to have a greater fan base in our area. We don't have any crazy mountains to bomb down, but the Intrigue seems to deliver a comfortable ride that puts the rider firmly in control no matter how aggressive the road gets.

    This added feeling of control is what seems to sell the ride for most women who try it.
    Let's go riding! Please send me all those crazy bike stories you run across. I'm always looking for new material to add to my bike review blog.


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