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    Cycle path (on pavement) etiquette

    Hi all,

    I've recently taken up cycling again, having cycled a lot as a child/early teens and then stopped for about ten years. I'm working towards commuting to work (about 6 miles), and on the way there are a few cycle paths of the 'pavement shared with pedestrians' type. One in particular is only present on one side of the road - does that mean I can only use it when cycling in one direction, and have to use the road in the other direction? There isn't a lot of space for two cyclists to pass each other, but it's a busy road which is often congested around rush hour (part of the reason I want to cycle!) so if I were to cycle on the road, I don't think I would feel hugely safe, and can see myself getting stuck in traffic after all!

    Thanks for any help / advice / encouragement!


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    There's a shared cycle path on my route to work, but it is only one side of the road, I don't personally use it, but cyclists do use it in both directions.

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    You can cycle either way on a shared cycle path.

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    Yes, you can cycle either way unless the path specifies otherwise.

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