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    Hello, I'm a new road cyclist (started from scratch a few months ago). I've got 3 small children, im about 3 stone overweight and I've gone from hating my bike to having a minor obsession. Im also a Strava addict.
    Im rubbish at getting on and off my bike, can't get out of my saddle going uphill and have fallen off attached to pedals many times. Hopefully I'm not the only one!
    I've also got a rather silly blog if anyone is interested. Feel free to laugh at my expense.

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    Hi and welcome, onwards and upwards. We all fall off clipless pedals from time to time.
    What are the issues with getting on and off the bike, you clearly can get on it and go for a ride... equally can get off or it would be permanently attached to you lol! So you can't be that rubbish.....


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