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    Soon To Be Published Fiction Novel about Pro Female Cyclist (Needs Beta Readers!)

    Hi everyone! Long time news reader, first time poster. I'm in the US and while this site is mostly for UK/Europe, I'm LOVING it! I am an avid outdoor rider (Trek Lexa) and indoor cycling instructor in Pennsylvania.

    I have written a 'women's fiction' novel, "Wheeler", which follows the life of a Women's Elite cyclist.
    I am looking for a few good souls to give it a read before it's published. If you like to 1) read, 2) read romances, 3) like bikes, 4) know a little bit/next to nothing about racing - this novel might peak your interest.

    There's NO charge for an ecopy, just your genuine interest and kind review (and perhaps tell your friends about it!) It's a 'romantic drama', so there is Mature Content but also intense racing situations. The story follows the Championship racing calendar from 2015, beginning with the Women's Tour of England.
    Here's the synopsis:

    "ĎThe course of true love never did run smooth.í
    Midsummer Nightís Dream, William Shakespeare.

    American Loren Mackenzie, a professional womenís Elite cyclist, overcame her traumatic past to sculpt herself into a world champion cyclist. Her spirit inspires those around her, often bringing out their best. But such radiance can also burn so brightly as to uncover the darker side of a person's soul.
    When the Fates intervene with a bang, Loren could not have anticipated how a simple bad day would change the course of her life. After a Knight in a Shining Jaguar - British actor Graham Atherton - stops to assist her with a flat tire, neither could deny the instantaneous connection between them. Despite the separation caused by their careers, their bond grows stronger than either could have imagined.
    But can their love triumph over betrayal and a sinister obsession from Lorenís past?"

    The book will be published within the next month.

    If you are interested, please let me know!

    Keep Pedaling Forward!

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    I'm from PA too! If you're still looking for readers I'm up for it!

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    Where in PA? I'm near Philly. And yes, I still need betas! Email me at sarazalesky at gmail.


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