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    Red face Are 29ers really trail worthy?

    Well, I've thought about this constantly and have gathered different opinions. After such, I'm basically given in to the obvious truth. 29ers are not quite trail bikes.

    Please, express your thoughts and experiences!

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    I ride Surly troll (rigid single speed) on trails quite a lot. Thoug, my 26" handles them better, the Surly (29x3") is better at complete ofroad terrrain. It just roll over everything but is not that agile as my converted dirt jumper. Everything has it quirks.

    But, on the other hand, look at Tracy Moseley, she rides a 29" Trek and she's incredible fast.

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    Thanks Nina for your views, I respect that. However, my 29er hasn't seemed to notice that I'm not big enough for it to work properly, so happy with 26 inch bikes.

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    Hi, i have to disagree, i do think that 29ers are worthy of trail riding. i purchased a cannondale a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. i had a 26inch scott before.

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