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    delicate probem with saddle

    I'm quite ashamed to write it here, but I need quick help.

    It looks like that I can't find matching sadle.

    My problem is one delicate surgery and the resulting change of how my body works. I was on hysterectomy and after recovery found that hmm, my bum sweats a lot and hmm, contact between sadle and my soft woman bits feels like something that I want to feel only in my bedroom with my girlfriend.

    And most strage at all: pre surgery, all of my saddles were great. I've tried nearly 20 another saddles now and can't find anything that works.

    I'm not a lycra enthusiast, and especially for riding dirt jumper and single speed Surly I prefer skinny jeans with band patches on them. But I will put it away, if necesarry.

    What the hell should I do? Lack of my bikes make my life is terrible.

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    Have you tried an Adamo saddle. If not google it so you can see.

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