Hi just looking for some advice/ experiences for other woman as most of the stories iv read on ac separation are from men!

I fell off my bike 3 1/2 weeks ago onto the tip of my right shoulder and separated my ac joint. X rays showed the separation and I was referred to fracture clinic the next day.
consultant said it was best to try and treat with physio and reviewed in 6 weeks. I was not told the grade but assumed grade 3 as collar bone is 'floating'. however when I received copy of the report letter sent to GP it stated that the bone was displaced more than 100% so could be a grade 5?

first few days I could barley move and in lots of pain, since then ROM has improved but I still cant reach across my body or get my arm to the top of my head. sleep is still disrupted and lots of pain when I first get up in the morning. I am also getting muscle tightening across shoulder and shoulder blade. it feels like my shoulder blades is sticking out and I cant relax it. I is very uncomfortable. Has anyone else experienced this? I mentioned it to the physio but she did not really give a clue to what was happening or how to help.

My collar bone is sticking up and my shoulder is dropped so my right arm is hanging lower than the left. I am really struggling with underwear. After wearing a bra strap across the shoulder for an hour I get pain and muscle tightening. I am big busted so not wearing support is an issue.

I return to the consultant in 2 /12 weeks and thinking of requesting surgery to fix it as im not sure I can cope long term with the loose feeling in the shoulder and cosmetic look of the shoulder really bothers me and is restricting the clothes I wear.

I would love to hear anyone else's stories on their treatment and recovery