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Thread: Cycling club

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    Cycling club

    Most women are engaged with work and parenting. They are not taking care of themselves. So, we planned to create a club here for the women who are interested in cycling. We were making all the plans for the cycling club but saw an article https://www.ontariobusinesscentral.c...ub-in-ontario/ about the procedures that has to be followed to set the club. We are confused. Do we really have to pay the government a fee? We lack in money since we have to pay for getting new cycles and suits. Are there any other cost effective options to set up a club?

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    Why not start up as group, therefore no fee's have to be paid. After a year or so if the numbers grow then think of becoming a club. Can't see why the your Government need to be told about your plans of starting up a club...

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    After a year or so if the numbers grow then think of becoming a club

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