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    First bike for 5 year old girl

    My granddaughter is 5 at Christmas and we want to contribute to buying her first bike. She has got the hang of a balance bike but we want to make sure that her first bike encourages her to cycle and is fun. Lots of childrens' bikes seem heavy, gimmicky or in the case of bikes designed for girls just gross. I appreciate there will be differences of opinion here! Islabike cron 16 is recommended but pricey. Any suggestions or any mums out there happy to share their experience?

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    We opted to buy a second hand Islabike for the four year old, after I'd stopped and interrogated a few random parents with kids riding them to find out whether they would buy them again (they all said yes). He loves riding it with a passion and cycles three or four miles at a time with me, so it felt like a good move. I've also heard good things about Frog bikes (again from interrogating parents with kids riding them), but I haven't any personal experience.

    I'd choke on the price of a new Islabike, but I will definitely buy a quality bike second hand again next time rather than a cheap new kid's bike.

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    i have recently bought hello kitty bike for my daughter its something around 103$ on amazon the design was good and my daughter loved it.

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