I contacted specialized regarding a safety concern with a crosstrail bike. My wife and I set out for a bike ride; she was on the as new crosstrail. It was a clear day and we were on a flat road with no other traffic in the neighborhood. Without any shifting or braking the specialized crosstrail jammed, locked up and violently launched my wife over the handle bars to the road surface. An engineer eyewitness at the scene noticed the jammed components on the specialized crosstrail bike. A year later my wife is healing but not fully, from her multiple injuries.

After taking care of my wife and the injuries caused by the jammed locked up specialized crosstrail, I returned the crosstrail bike to the specialized dealer and requested an observation of the condition of the bike. The specialized dealer wrote on the ticket
“Shifter in 5th gear chain jammed in frame behind 7th cog” (see attached photo of ticket)

My email letter to specialized included many clear photos of the jammed and locked up components on the crosstrail bike and a clear explanation of the injuries to my wife and our concerns as well as our full name and contact information.

Reply email from specialized> “sir, saw your note”: I continued to contact specialized regarding the safety concern while the emails came back as blocked.

Of course we would not want this to happen to anyone else.
We have not been on a bike since and have been getting the run around for a year and a half by specialized, which has cost us hundreds of dollars to deal with. Safety is a major concern and of note, not one person that I contacted at specialized ever expressed any form of sympathy for my injured wife.
Online research finds similar reports of like problems listed from other owners with like crosstrail bikes.
A full report of the cost of ownership for the specialized crosstrail that jammed and locked up causing injuries to follow:Please see 4 attached photos of the specialized crosstrail Jammed and Locked Up safety concern: