The first bicycle trip is road biking trips. In this trip, the tracks covered are the asphalt roads. These trips are generally self guided wherein you will be provided with a map or a GPS device to find your way to the destination. You may also get a van to travel with you in which your luggage will be kept.

The other trip is mountain biking trip. On your bicycle, you can opt for a mountain biking trip to have more adventure. You will pedal your way through the off road rough trails. But for this trip, a little expertise is required. In these tours, you will be accompanied by a guide. The stay and the dining provisions are included in the tour package.

If you want your biking tour to be thrilling and relaxing as well, then the trekking biking tour or the hybrid biking trip is the best. This trip is a mere combination of both road biking trip as well as mountain biking trip.