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    Hi I am 51 and I am in the process of becoming a cyclist.
    Meaning that I am doing an Australian bike course through a company called She Rides. It is fantastic. I was just wondering at 50 years of age
    is it worth it to start road biking. Am I too old to do this. Hubby is an Ironman and Triathlete finally it is starting to rub off onto me. Not that I will be doing any Ironman events. Can anyone please give me any advise for an older rider as a beginner rider. Thanks

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    I didn't get into road cycling until I was 48. Mainly, an 'if you can't beat them; join them' decision!
    I have grown to love it and now cycle to work as often as I can, and go out with my husband and daughter at the weekends. This year I am undertaking a 500 mile charity cycle in July from Bristol in the UK to Bordeaux in France.

    You not too old to get into road cycling. If anything, it will help keep your fitness levels up without the impact on your joints. I'm going through the menopause and at times when the hormones have been flying around wildly, it has been the only thing that kept me sane!!

    If you are already enjoying cycling, then get the best specc'd bike you can afford so that you have the best experience, especially if you are cycling with your husband or a group. More than anything I would recommend having a proper Retul bike fit. Any niggles on your hands, knees or hips are going to be far more of a problem for someone of our age, than a 20 year old who can just ignore it and keep cycling. It transformed my cycling experience. Also, you may well find that you need to eat more on the ride to keep up your energy levels. It took me a long time to work this one out. Not sure if it is age related, but I have to start taking on calories after the first hour otherwise I start to slow up.

    Hope you get out on the road very soon and love reason for you not to start Ironman training either !!

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    Thanks trudgemeister for your advice.
    I have a local guy here that does the Retul fit and I was thinking of getting a bike fit with him.
    I have a bike in mind and would want to get fitted correctly for it.

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    You are never too old, get that bike, get it fitted, get some kit, get out there. OK male but an old friend of mine only started cycling at 74 when his wife died.... and continued into his 90's local friends got him out and around a 200km audax, at 90 he celebrated by doing a 70 mile ride, but 2 days earlier had gone out and done the same route to ensure it was the distance he wanted to achieve and to ensure he knew he could do it.


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