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    Another +1 for racing here too!

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    I'm a man from France, I hope you will not hold that against me ;-)

    I came here following the nice article about Evelyn Hamilton published on the site.

    Incidentally she used to ride recumbent bicycles back in the 30's, and I see no specific area on the forum yet.

    There are many women practising recumbent, to name a few:

    - Barbara Buatois, the fastest woman on a cycle 121.8km/h:
    She also completed RAAM solo

    - Jacquie Schlitter, attempting RAAM this year:

    - Maria Parker :

    And of course many more anonymous riders commuting, racing and touring.

    If anyone is in France this summer, come and see for yourself during the world championships near Besanšon


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    I have an idea =) Could we organize something like an international meeting/ I am sure there are lots of women from all the globe. We could meet for example somewhere and do a cycling tour. What do you think? it's not cheap but it will be a good advanture.

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    May be a "Health" section OR "Health tips" section should be included ...


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