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    Hi, I have just seen this thread. My commute is a round trip of 20 miles which I do throughout the year. I find I get very dirty and wet some days and fortunately we have showers and changing facilities at work, so I find my best option is to wear clothes designed for sports and change once I am at work. This means leggings or Lycra capris, waterproof over trousers if required (sweaty Betty do some great ones which are designed for running but work well for cycling), wicking bra and t-shirt, a cycling hoody (wind proof, shower repellent with pockets), a waterproof coat and high vis vest. My ideal jacket would have;
    - cuffs that fit over cycling gloves - this is a particular bug bear as both my hoody and jacket have bulk tight fitting cuffs which are designed to keep the weather out but are very uncomfortable once you factor in the gloves
    - pockets to keep my phone, pass card and keys in
    - long back to keep my bottom dry
    -sleek fitting but room to move or put another layer on in the winter
    - high vis so you don't need to wear two layers ( not just a bit of reflective tape which is quickly useless once it starts raining)
    - vents you can unzip once you start to get hot
    - high neck line lined with something like fleece

    hope this helps, Jane

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    I agree with your points Jane. But i do have a basket on the back of my hybrid (sorry for that) to store my bag there. I also ride with a backpack and then i need straps so the coat has to be tight enough to be ok with that.
    I especially prefer coats which are so warm i do not need layers. I wear my working cloth and then one layer and off i ride!

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